St Mary's Church, Marshalswick

Living God's Love in St Albans

Prayer                                   FOR YOUR PRAYERS THIS WEEK

 Our Parish

All parents, living and departed.

 Our Diocese

Parent and Toddler groups

 Our World

Those who are unable to protect or feed their children.

The sick

Gabriella Farrugia,  Charlotte Howarth, Jean Harris,  Bailey, Michael Fleming, Marlene Cousins,   
Vira Staples, 
Lydia Gladwin,   
Mike McElroy, Margaret Rankin, David Britten,  Adam Price, Chris Bromley,
Harry Stev
ens,  Ken Kenward,  Diane Clark, Emma Ratheram and Adrian Hinksman

 For Ongoing Prayer

 Jean Menniss, Karin Burnett-Godfree,  John Cousins, Sylvia Clifford, Jonathan Marshall, Helen Brown, Olive Pitman, Pam Cordery, Richard Walduck and Betty Harris.

 The Departed

Vivien Bevan,  Doreen Aggar, those who have died this past week as a result of famine and poverty and those with anniversaries at this time.

Our Prayer Beacon members are praying for

 Bryan, Vera Allen, Ken Handscomb, Ian Rankin, Vicky Steed, Nicole Veness and Jean Barlow.

A Community Prayer Request book is on the table just inside the church.  
Alternatively, prayer requests may be e-mailed. As a congregation, we pray for the life of our community each day.