St Mary's Church, Marshalswick

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 St Mary's APCM      18 October 2020

VICAR'S REMARKS AT APCM  (This was the week before Fr Grant Holmes retired.)

(draft) Minutes of the Annual Meeting of Parishioners (Election of Churchwardens)

(Draft) Minutes of the 2020 Annual Parochial Church Meeting

PAPERS PREPARED FOR THE 2020 APCM      - referred to in the Documents above

Overall Report on 2019 - Updated for change of dates and further revision to Electoral Roll. The Financial papers which are here shown separately (immediately after the document below)  are part of the overall official report.

Financial Report for 2019   
Ignore the original date of 29 March - nothing else has changed in contents

Budget for 2020 -  It is St Mary's custom (although not required by church law) to present a draft budget for the current year to the APCM. This is what would have been presented on 29 March.  Obviously, because of lockdown, the actual figures for 2020 will be very different now.

The Minutes of the 2019 APCM