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 St Mary's APCM and Elections for 2020

SUNDAY 18 OCTOBER 2020    Starting at 10 am   (for explanation of Meetings)

At these Annual Meetings we will need to elect two churchwardens, three Deanery Synod Representatives to serve from 1 December 2020 to 30 June 2023, three people to serve on the PCC from this APCM until 2023 APCM and two people to fill casual vacancies on the PCC to serve from this APCM to 2022  APCM. 

  Click here for Nomination Forms       Printed copies also available in church

The Annual Meeting of Parishioners for the Election of Churchwardens and the APCM (= Annual Parochial Church Meeting - St Mary's AGM, so to speak) were both scheduled to take place on Sunday 29 March 2020. The necessary papers were prepared and copies for members of the congregation were available in church on Sunday 15 March, the last Sunday before lockdown. 

 If you did not get a copy,  go to the bottom of this page where you can view them. or collect a printed copy from church.

This version of the Report on 2019 and the 2019 Accounts are the documents that will be presented to the 2020 and include the updated Agenda and Electoral Roll Report. 

PAPERS PREPARED FOR THE 2020 APCM      The Overall Report includes the Agenda

As well as reading them here, you could enlarge or download them - click on the double arrows on right for more options.  Presentation mode will make the page fill the screen and then you can click on a page to get the next page or you can scroll through the entire document with mouse or trackball. To exit Presentation Mode, press Escape.

Overall Report on 2019 - Updated for change of dates and further revision to Electoral Roll. The Financial papers which are here shown separately (immediately after the document below)  are part of the overall official report.

Financial Report for 2019   
Ignore the original date of 29 March - nothing else has changed in contents

Budget for 2020 -  It is St Mary's custom (although not required by church law) to present a draft budget for the current year to the APCM. This is what would have been presented on 29 March.  Obviously, because of lockdown, the actual figures for 2020 will be very different now.

The Minutes of the 2019 APCM