We have been asked to publicise various appeals as charities, like churches, are struggling financially during lockdown and may have even greater need of funds than usual to help others because of problems people are experiencing arising from difficult circumstances caused directly or indirectly by the lockdown.

Christian Aid Week was 10-16 May but appeal ongoing     Click here to go to our Christian Aid page 

Children's Society Appeal  - Several of our congregation have collecting boxes but, due to coronarivus precautions, Maureen C, our link with the Society, has been unable to collect the boxes which recently were due for emptying. Maureen has received a letter from the Society (which is obviously having trouble raising money at present), asking if people might consider giving online instead of by the usual method.     

FEED project  needs support more than ever in these difficult times as, like St Mary's, many places are no longer able to collect food and other items as before.  Perhaps instead of your food donations at our Second Sunday Service, you could make a money donation to FEED. The link explains their current arrangements and needs - scroll to end for link to fund page. (If not given option to choose, you may need to specify somewhere that your donation is for the FEED project).

 See also St John Ambulance - Emergency Appeal     The Vicar is their County Chaplain for Hertfordshire