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Vacancy  - Appointment Process


The good news is that the Diocese wants to appoint another Vicar for St Mary’s though because of Covid-19 the process may take a little longer than usual. Our Rural Dean (Kenneth Padley) and the Archdeacon of St Albans (Jane Mainwaring) explained the various official steps in the Vacancy - see below.  


The appointment process affects St Mary's as a whole so we asked ALL of St Mary's congregation to get involved by completing a questionnaire.  Altogether we received around 550 comments. Having input from many people meant that discussions at the Informal Vacancy Meeting and the content of the Parish Profile really reflected St Mary's.  Thank you to all those who took the time to answer the questionnaire to help the PCC know how you feel and what you would like!


Informal Vacancy Meeting   Tuesday 1 December    7.45 pm

Whole congregation was invited    
This was led by the Bishop of Hertford, Archdeacon Jane and the Rural Dean and was an opportunity for them to hear from us about our vision for the future and the gifts and skills we would like our next Vicar to have.

Preparation of Parish Profile         Now done - Standing Committee and PCC  worked on this for three months.
This a very important document.  It is, in effect, our shop window and needs to grab attention - think of it as St Mary’s CV! It is now on the Diocesan website (and here on our own website) and will be read by priests who might apply.  It includes our strengths and our challenges and also a personal specification for new vicar. 

Formal S.11 Meeting   (Special PCC meeting)            Date of S.11 Meeting -  Tuesday 23 March 2021

St Mary’s held this formal  S.11 Meeting for PCC Members on 23 March 2021. The  PCC elected Andrea Bootle and Julia Abrey to serve as our Parish Representatives and also formally signed off the Parish Profile.  Andrea and Julia are the only people  from St Mary’s now involved in the appointment process including the shortlisting stage and the  interviews. They have to keep everything confidential and cannot pass any information to anyone, not even the PCC until the appointment has been made and can be announced in church.  Please be kind to them and do not ask them questions they are now allowed to answer!

Appointment Process from advertising to appointment