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Christian Aid Week    Sunday 10 to Saturday 16 May 2020

Christian Aid Week 2020
10-16 May

Love never fails. 
Coronavirus impacts all of us. 
But love unites us all.

Sadly, most of the planned events for Christian Aid week in which St Mary's people would have participated could not  take place - for example  the Market Stalls, organised by Churches Together in Marshalswick, which would have been on Saturday 16 May while St Mary's Second Sunday version of the Big Brekkie would have been on Sunday 10 May.  
St Mary's people also distribute Christian Aid envelopes and attend local services.   

Obviously, there is no particular time limit to Christian Aid Week (CAW)  this year as we are not constrained by the time limits of the house to house collection licence, but it has most mileage to get the message broadly out this week.

However, all is not lost and a virtual, online campaign is well underway with daily quizzes, live-streamed worship, sponsored activities to raise money for the world’s most vulnerable people in new and innovative ways. The most vulnerable and marginalised people are at the greatest risk from Covid 19. In Sierra Leone there are no ICU beds and in Malawi there is one ICU bed for every one million people. In refugee camps, people are not able to keep socially distant from one other and 40% of the world’s population do not have access to soap and water. 

See online resources for Christian Aid Week including Daily Prayer and Reflection and Daily Fun Quiz (to raise funds).  Dr Rowan Williams’ CAW 2020 sermon

Richard Watson and Josh Pollard, St Saviour’s CAW co-ordinator, hosted the annual ecumenical CAW service on Sunday 10 May along with Churches Together in Marshalswick of which St Mary’s is a member.  

They have also set up a justgiving page in conjunction with CTI St Albans, not to divert donations from the main CA site, but to try and help monitor and track giving in St Albans.  . 

Normally some 15-20 St Albans churches raise around £25-30,000 in CAW.  We decided to set our sights lower on the just giving page, just £5,000, but equally, I think it is an important signal to the churches and wider St Albans community that CAW is alive and running this year as normal.  

We realise that these are very difficult times for many people, but if you are in a position to donate to Christian Aid, this would be very much appreciated.