St Mary's Church, Marshalswick

St Mary's is an Open Church - Open to God, Open to You


Check the Services this week page to see what is currently planned.  

Our current Sunday Services are:  8.00am  Holy Communion (said)     9.30am  Parish Communion (sung)

As the Government lifted many restrictions from Monday 19 July, we have been been easing out of lockdown. At present we still ask that people wear masks in church. We have started singing again, but through our masks.  
See our Easing of Covid Restrictions leaflet which explains what we are doing.    

We follow the latest advice from the Church of England , from the Government and from the NHS, all of which have a lot of useful information and are updated regularly.

Even if you are not able to attend public worship at St Mary's or worry about being with other people

there are ways to join in prayer and worship 

Words to use with the names of those who die from Coronavirus without their loved ones:

If I die someday
Beyond the scope of your care,
Beyond the reach of your voice,
Beyond the touch of your hand,
I do not die alone:

My heart has stored the memory of your care, 
My mind the sound of your voice, 
My body the touch of your hand.
I was never alone.