St Mary's Church, Marshalswick

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 St Mary's Electoral Roll

The electoral roll is a list of members of the church. It is revised regularly especially at the time of the  Annual Parochial Church Meeting in April  (our "AGM"). Every six years Church Law requires that a completely new roll is prepared and 2019 is one of those years. 

Anyone who wants to be on the new 2019 roll needs to fill in a form.   We allowed eight weeks for the Renewal of the Roll which has to be completed 15 - 28 before the Annual Parochial Church Meeting (APCM) which is on 28 April 2019.  We have now temporarily closed the roll which has 108 people on it. No names can be added or removed until after the APCM.  

We will only use the the information on the application forms for the Electoral Roll matters- see our Electoral Roll Privacy Notice