St Mary's Church, Marshalswick

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Christmas Fair  - Goody Bags

We are offering a selection of Gifts & Crafts for sale through our website.  See Main Fair Page     

SPECIAL VALUE -   Get a mystery Goody Bag, priced at £5, £10 and £15 - you also have some say in what goes in them!   

Would you like to help two organisations at the same time - St Mary's and the FEED Project? If so, why not purchase one or more Goody Bags which will be passed on to FEED.  For more information email the Fair Team

See form below text.  Please print off the form, fill it in CLEARLY, scan it or take a photo and email it to the address shown. Or simply email your order to the Fair Team

We will get back you about payment and if any clarification is required.   See the main Christmas Fair page  for some information about ways to pay and collection/delivery.

On the form, please tick a selection of items that you would be thrilled to find in your Mystery Goody Bag. We will then fill your bag and have it ready for collection after Lockdown is over. If you are unable to collect, we can arrange delivery.     

For example, a £5 goody bag might contain a small selection of toiletries, a Christmas decoration and maybe a jar of jam.

 If you’re unsure about how any of this works, then please email the Christmas Fair Team 

Thank you for supporting our Alternative Christmas Fair 2020