APCM and PCC Overview 

Annual Meetings 2021 

These were held on Sunday 16 May at 11.30 am with 22 people in church and 15 attending over ZOOM.

The minutes of the meetings have now been uploaded as DRAFT minutes as it is for next year's Annual Meetings to deal with them.  See more information for 2021 APCM     

For Minutes of 2020 Annual Meetings and Reports on 2019 for 2020 APCM

PCC     St Mary’s PCC for 2021-2022    

ex officio  
Vicar:       The Revd Kate Pearson (from 6 September 2021)
Churchwardens:         Andrea Bootle               Anne Brockwell
Reader:                         Paul Wiggins
Deanery Synod            Ron Brown                     Lesley Eames               Pam McElroy

Elected members
Julia Abrey                     Mandy Attree              Mary Bishop                  Carol Cocker
Kelly Galpin                   David Herman             Simon Marshall

Co-opted Member        Toby Newton

PCC Officers
Vicar                                      The Revd Kate Pearson
Vice-Chair  (shared)            Churchwardens (Andrea Bootle, Anne Brockwell)
PCC Secretary                      Simon Marshall           PCC Treasurer          Mandy Attree