St Mary's Church, Marshalswick

St Mary's is an Open Church - Open to God, Open to You


For your prayers this week   

Prayer requests may be e-mailed.  Members of our congregation pray for the life of our community each day

 Our Parish

We give thanks to all who are leading worship or helping us in any way during our vacancy; for all those keeping in touch with and helping others; and for all the love and friendship shared at St Mary’s. We ask for your guidance as we plan our Holy Week and Easter Services and for the PCC who meet this Tuesday to work on our parish profile; and we pray for the priest God is already calling to be our next vicar. 

  Our Diocese

We ask for grace to keep Lent faithfully and for all Lent services and courses especially for the CTM talks and worship and the study courses with St Saviour’s. We pray for all working in the NHS and care homes, for the emergency services; for all key workers whatever their role; for all in education as schools re-open this week; We ask that all may be kept safe and we pray for those for whom the pandemic measures have brought financial hardship, loss of employment or fear of the future;

 Our World

For all ill with Coronavirus and their families; for all whose physical, mental or spiritual wellbeing has been affected by the lockdown and all the changes that has meant for our lives; for those researching, testing, producing and delivering vaccines; that politicians worldwide will work for the good of all; and for peace and reconciliation in all areas of conflict;

 The Sick

Ed Garvey, David Muskett, Charlotte Howarth, Julia Ward, Michael Fleming, Alan Creasey, Ivy Sherman, John and Beryl Steele, Pam Cordery, Tyler Lynch and Howard Hopkins;

 Ongoing Prayer

Jean Menniss, John Cousins, Ken Rankin, Darren, John Foster, Vittoria Rickard, Bryan, Beryl Kidman, Nicole Veness and Jean Barlow;

 The Departed

All who have died especially Alec Edge and Jenny Whitaker and all whose anniversary is at this time including Michael Joiner, Patsy Reitemeier and Bernard Smith.

The Church of England website has prayers and resources to help those who struggling to find words at this difficult and stressful time, and to enable Christians to worship with one another if they are not able to attend a service

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Words to use with the names of those who die from Coronavirus without their loved ones:

If I die someday
Beyond the scope of your care,
Beyond the reach of your voice,
Beyond the touch of your hand,
I do not die alone:

My heart has stored the memory of your care, 
My mind the sound of your voice, 
My body the touch of your hand.
I was never alone.