St Mary's Church, Marshalswick

St Mary's is an Open Church - Open to God, Open to You


Parish Prayer List               FOR YOUR PRAYERS THIS WEEK   

Prayer requests may be e-mailed.  Members of our congregation pray for the life of our community each day

 Our Parish

people on their own that they will not feel lonely; that we all do our best to keep in touch with them and each other; for those who are working and fearful of contacting the virus; for those for whom the pandemic measures have brought financial hardship and worry about the future; for those who are trying to decide what to do for the best about “Christmas bubbles”; for the Informal Vacancy Meeting this week, that many of the congregation will participate; for Bishop Michael, Archdeacon Jane and Rural Dean Kenneth who will lead the meeting.

 Our Diocese

For pupils, students, teachers and other staff; for those involved with the wider NHS and care homes; for emergency services and for all key workers whatever their role; for priests, ministers and lay people supporting others; for funeral directors working under difficult circumstances; for all those helping in the vacancy and all those involved in the process of appointing a new Vicar for St Mary’s. 

 Our World

 For all those infected with the Coronavirus and their families; that the measures in place to stop its spread will prove effective; for those researching, testing, producing and delivering vaccines, that these will be safe and effective; for stability and acceptance following the US elections;

 The Sick

 Ed Garvey, Ian Rankin, David Muskett, Charlotte Howarth, Michael Fleming, Adam Price, Harry Stevens, Julia Ward, Alan Creasey, Ivy Sherman, Olive Pitman, John and Beryl Steele, Alec Edge, Pam Cordery, Tyler Lynch, Howard Hopkins, Richard Walduck, Daniel and William Bond, Stella Winter and William & Victoria Tallon.

 Ongoing Prayer

 Jean Menniss, John Cousins, Ken Rankin, Darren, John Foster, and Vittoria Rickard, Bryan, Nicole Veness and Jean Barlow

 The Departed

Sylvia Clifford and Marlene Cousins, and all those whose anniversary is at this time especially Vera Clifton, Pam Allan and Tony Grant

The Church of England website has prayers and resources to help those who struggling to find words at this difficult and stressful time, and to enable Christians to worship with one another if they are not able to attend a service

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Words to use with the names of those who die from Coronavirus without their loved ones:

If I die someday
Beyond the scope of your care,
Beyond the reach of your voice,
Beyond the touch of your hand,
I do not die alone:

My heart has stored the memory of your care, 
My mind the sound of your voice, 
My body the touch of your hand.
I was never alone.