Stay at Home News              APRIL

Items shared in April - Sharing News was new towards the end of the month      

Simnel Cake

Frances Bacon - As usual I made a Simnel cake for Easter. The cake is a family favourite.  Simnel cake is a fruit cake with two layers of marzipan, one in the middle and one on the top. The top layer is decorated with marzipan balls, the balls represent the 12 apostles. Usually only 11 balls are used, the twelfth ball represents Judas Iscariot who betrayed Jesus in the garden of Gethsemane. The grandchildren usually help decorate the cake but this year was different because of lockdown.  We had no one to help us eat the cake but it seemed to disappear quite quickly.I promised to make the grandchildren a Simnel cake when they are able to come and visit us. Frances Bacon

James Bond Quiz

James Bond Dingbats - Saturday 25 April was the day when the Make St Mary's Count team with help from others was going to hold a Quiz with the theme of James Bond. This has obviously had to be postponed as a social gathering but in the meantime, Sue Gould, one of the question setters, offers a taster sheet of James Bond related dingbats.

Blue tit and blossom

Anne Brockwell - Firstly, let me say how very grateful I am to Chris Bromley for making it possible for some of us to ‘see’ each other and keep in touch in various ways. It is definitely a life saver. As for what I’ve been doing - surprisingly I’ve been working in the garden. Not something I’m good at. However, the sunshine, blossom, spring flowers and bird song have been a true tonic. Of course I’ve been reading, and drinking too much coffee! Otherwise my main occupation has been ringing many friends from St Mary’s (and beyond) and talking (good at that) about life during this pandemic. We all have different ways of coping, of course, but cope we do and will for as long as it takes. Stay safe and well, dear friends - I miss you all. God bless ❤️Anne      

Easter Garden with extra flowers

Pam McElroy - and  the Newton and Gould families - have made occasional visits to Peppercorn Place (not at the same time!) to keep it under control and to make the Easter Garden. Thanks also to Hugh Baker for mowing the grass.  Anne Brockwell has donated some pansies and primroses so the Easter Garden bed is even prettier now.  

Michael Bromley - has already had two episodes of collapsed lungs that required a  ventilator in his life so he and Chris are being super-cautious and not venturing out at all.  However, he is managing to do at least 10,000 steps a day!  Click here for short YouTube video.  Chris is not nearly so enthusiastic but has the occasional go!


Chris Bromley - "exercises" by using her sewing machine to make masks. Whilst obviously not up to medical standards, they do offer some protection and consist of two layers of cotton fabric with a layer of non-woven sew in interfacing in between.  The pattern comes from the US and can be printed plus - this page also has a video to help. 

Two tips - firstly, make sure your printer is set to print at 100% or the scale of the printed pattern (and the size of the finished mask) will be wrong and, secondly, note that when instructions mention pellon, that's interfacing.


Potatoes Dauphinoise

Sue Gould - Following on from the Coffee Shop one Saturday and talk of Delia Smith, here are yesterday’s creations: Dauphinoise Potatoes from The Complete Cookery Course (cooked by George & Katy) and Tiramisu from her Winter Collection, made by George, Hannah and Katy. I have something to live up to as I’m chef today!!  Sue x

FGH Doorstep

Fr Grant - We know about his silver cleaning from his letters but that's not all as he writes: 

I’ve cleaned not only what bits of silver we have but also the door step.  We’d always thought it was a sludgy green but look at it now!  Fr Grant