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Appeal for Up on Downs   

From Trish Hall

 Last year, in a moment of madness, I signed up to run the Milton Keynes Marathon which was supposed to have taken place on Sunday 3rd May. The Coronavirus has stopped the race but having got so far in my training, I was up to 13 miles by this point, and it seemed a pity to waste it. So I have continued running around the streets and parks of St Albans, carefully avoiding any walkers, dogs and small children on bikes.

I am now going to run my first and most probably last ever marathon on Tuesday 5th May. I will be running around the field at the school where I work. Friends tell me it is about 104 laps, I simply know it is a very long way, much of it on a slope. Sadly, it will be a quiet affair, but it would be great to know I will have the thoughts and prayers of my friends as I plod around the course.

I am doing this for a small, local charity called Up on Downs which supports children with Down’s syndrome. I chose this charity as I teach a delightful little girl called Rose at school and who is also one of my brownies. Despite having Down Syndrome and problems with her hips she is a small bundle of non-stop energy who would run around all day if only she could. (Sadly, she is unable to walk far and relies on a wheelchair.)

If you would like to sponsor me the website is:

If you would prefer to pop a coin or two in a tin when we finally return to church that would be great.
If you simply want to raise a glass or cup of tea to me when I have finished that would be fine too.

So far parents from the school at which I teach have been very generous but this is a very small charity with no government funding, and limited opportunities to raise funds at the moment. All money is used carefully and totally for the support of the children. 

Many thanks
Trish x