St Mary's Church, Marshalswick

St Mary's is an Open Church - Open to God, Open to You


Since Fr Grant Holmes retired on 25 October 2020, St Mary's is a parish in vacancy (ie without a Vicar). 


In a vacancy, as Fr Grant mentioned at both services on his last Sunday with us, the Churchwardens are legally responsible for St Mary’s. Of course, they can’t do it alone so they are grateful for the help and support of Paul Wiggins, our Reader, and PCC members. Talk to any of them if you have any queries.   Contact details here

APPOINTMENT PROCESS  see here for overall view of the steps involved

First Step 
Informal Vacancy Meeting held on ZOOM with Bishop Michael, Archdeacon and Rural Dean
Tuesday 1 December 2020  at 7.45 pm          ALL CONGREGATION WERE INVITED TO THIS MEETING   
There were 35 screens, some had two people, at the ZOOM Meeting.  

Second Step - Prepare the Parish Profile              Read the Parish Profile here
PCC to prepare the Parish Profile.  Work on this started at the beginning of January and it was completed in mid-March.

Third Step    S.11 Meeting   (Special PCC meeting)        held on Tuesday 23 March 2021
At this formal  Meeting the PCC  formally signed off the Parish Profile and elected Andrea Bootle and Julia Abrey as our two Parish Representatives.  From now onwards, Andrea and Julia are the only ones from St Mary’s who will be involved in the selection process of shortlisting and interviewing. They have to keep everything confidential and cannot pass any information to anyone until the appointment has been made and can be announced in church.  Archdeacon Jane explained this at the Informal Vacancy Meeting and asked us all to be kind to our parish representatives and not bother them with questions that they are not allowed to answer!

The parish profile is available on our website as well as on the diocesan website - vacancies page.  


This appointment process affects St Mary's as a whole so we asked ALL of St Mary's congregation to get involved by completing a questionnaire.  Having input from as many people as possible will mean that both the Informal Vacancy Meeting and the Parish Profile will better reflect St Mary's.    See here for the Questionnaire    Although the Informal Vacancy Meeting was held on 1 December 2020, we have yet to prepare the parish profile, so if you have not yet sent in your response, feel free to do so before the end of the year.

SERVICES  - see here for what is planned as a weekly pattern of services in the Vacancy