St Mary's Church, Marshalswick

St Mary's is an Open Church - Open to God, Open to You

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 Fr Grant Holmes

 07720 840661

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 Paul Wiggins

 07971 702941

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 Parish Office


 01727 851544  

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 Andrea Bootle

 07429 657763

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 Chris Bromley 

 07776 187113
 01727 839273

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Letters to Congregation From the Vicar or Reader     Letters     

We send occasional emails to members of the congregation for whom we have email addresses and permission to use them!  We realise that a few people may not have seen them - please check your SPAM folder.   (None in last three weeks).

If you haven't had an email from us but would like to be included, please send an email to Chris Bromley so she has your email address - please add that you give permission to use it!

Join in with St Mary's online Saturday Coffee Shop  - now 10.30 am  - noon
Since Saturday 18 April, we have been holding our virtual Coffee Shop Meeting using Zoom, an online service which allows many people to see each other and chat online.  People drop in and out or stay the whole time - just as they did at the Coffee Shop at St Mary's. It is a good opportunity to  to see, hear and chat with others! Many have their coffee with them!  Do join in!  You do need an invitation to join so,  if you haven't already got one or cannot find your earlier invitation, just email  and ask to be invited!

Stay at Home News           Share what you are doing while in lock-down!

During the course of the first Coffee Shop, we came up with the idea of sharing information on what people are doing while staying at home, with photos where possible!  Maybe some of us are doing things we don't usually get around to or haven't done for a while or maybe we're trying something new.  The page has been going for a few weeks but always needs more content so  please get your contributions to Chris Bromley. We will assume that by sending a contribution, you are giving permission for it to be on the website. We will not include your personal email or phone details.