St Mary's Church, Marshalswick

St Mary's is an Open Church - Open to God, Open to You

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MISSION ACTION PLAN       Vision, Priorities and Goals   


St Mary's is an Open Church -
Open to God, Open to You.


(not in any order of importance)

In the light of our Looking, our Vision and our Statistics for Mission, our Priorities for the next five years are:

·        To encourage parishioners to develop and grow in their relationship with God

·        To encourage members of the congregation to become more involved in the church as a community; and, as a church, to be more involved in the community

·        To nurture and grow our church family



(not in any order of importance)


Our five key SMART Goals for the next year or more

·        Develop Flip Sunday Service (monthly) to be more accessible and actively invite people to it

·        To produce welcome literature and distribute it throughout parish and continue to develop our communications overall including our website

·        Introduce a pastoral support system including baptism and bereavement visiting

·        Continue to develop small groups including housegroups, nurture groups, and social groups

·        Engage more ecumenically so that we work towards sharing resources, people and experience and encourage the whole congregation to support ecumenical services and events