Peppercorn Place Welcome GatePeppercorn Place is now open to the public daily as as space where people can sit quietly for personal reflection or meet up with a friend

There are two separate seating areas  - the bench and the picnic bench plus some additional tables and seating in warm weather.  We do ask you to please  respect social distancing!  

You will see that we are growing various fruit and vegetables as well as flowers and herbs. Once the produce is ready to harvest, we to distribute it to parishioners especially those who are still staying at home and others in need.

We are grateful to those people who are kindly going in (observing strict social-distancing rules!) to keep the grass mown, tidy the borders, water the plants and sow seeds for our summer and autumn harvest of food and flowers.  Things are growing  - most of the photos are from 2020, will update for 2021 when things have grown!

Feel feel to visit - as you can see there is space to sit and relax and still keep to social distancing guidance.

PP bed


Easter Garden 2021 


 woodland garden

 Herb and Sensory Beds

 Photo of salad bed

wildlife friendly area 2020

Herb and Sensory Gardens 2020

Tomatoes and lettuces 2020

 Pansies in Raised bed

 Spring Flowers 2020

Spring Flower box

 Wildlife area

 Spring 2020PP General Spring view 2020


The idea is to strike a balance between man and nature so we are trying to be wildlife friendly. The two areas at the back are  being left "natural"  though we  have added plants that will encourage bees and butterflies.  There are homes for insects and hedgehogs plus  a  bath for the birds and various feeders - including some hand-decorated bird feeders .

 Bird Feeder 2

Bird Feeder 

Bird Feeder 

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 for photos of Peppercorn Place in 2019 and the Open Food Gardens afternoon opening.




 Butterfly and bee friendly area

 four seater bench 

 picnic table set 

 If you want any further information or you have any ideas or comments please contact St Mary's  (see bottom of page).

For earlier photos of Peppercorn Place (2018) - click here