St Mary's Church, Marshalswick

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 woodland garden

 Herb and Sensory Beds

 Photo of salad bed

wildlife friendly area

Herb and Sensory Gardens

Tomatoes and lettuces

Peppercorn Place will be open daily during the summer season.  Please feel free to come and enjoy the space.  There is a bench or a picnic table for seating.  

We gave four raised beds of two heights made with railway sleepers.  This year the two higher raised beds have been planted up as a herb garden and a sensory garden while we are growing beans, sweet peas, lettuces, tomatoes and other vegetables in the lower beds.

 Fruit trees - plum, pear and cherry - are planted along one fence; not apple trees as we already have some of these in the Quiet Garden.

On Friday 9 August Peppercorn Place took  part in the Sustainable St Albans  "Open Food Gardens"  




 Butterfly and bee friendly area

 four seater bench 

 picnic table set 

The idea is to strike a balance between man and nature so we are trying to be wildlife friendly. The two areas at the back are  being left "natural"  though we  have added plants that will encourage bees and butterflies.  There are homes for insects and hedgehogs plus various feeders and a  bath for the birds.  

 If you want any further information or you have any ideas or comments please contact St Mary's  (see bottom of page).

For more photos of Peppercorn Place (in 2018) - click here